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When buying tires do I need to get an aliignment done too?

I just bought four tires and had them installed on the car.

The salesman wanted to sell me also an alignment job. My car was not out of alignment; the tires wore evenly, the steering wheel was on straight, etc.

So I declined the alignment.

When I got the car back with the four new tires I notice that the steering wheel is no longer straight. Can such a thing happen just from replacing tires do did those guys do a “job” on me and purposely adjusted my wheels out of alignment?

Should I go back and complain?

“My car was not out of alignment.”

How do you know that? When was the last time the alignment was checked?

The “guys” would not waste their time adjusting the alignment on your car for free. All they did was mount the new tires.

It is my personal opinion that alignment should always be checked when new tires are installed.

But then your car was not out of alignment, was it?

Does The Car “Pull” At All? If You Let Go Of The Steering Wheel, Will It Go Either To The Left Or Right Every Time On A Level Road.

I got new tires once and had the same experience, however, my car pulled slightly (That’s why the steering wheel is “off” because you have to apply pressure to make the car go straight.). Swapping the front wheels/tires caused it to pull in the other direction.

I had a little trouble convincing the store that they had created a problem. A brand new tire was defective. New “new” tires fixed it.

Find a flat, level road. See if it is pulling and if it is, see if they will try the swap. Let them drive it or take them along on the test hops.


You don’t know if your alignment is good unless you have it checked. It is a good idea to get it checked when you buy new tires. If you get it checked out, and the alignment is fine, and you can prove they caused a problem, then it will be time to complain. Unless you get the alignment checked, you will never know whether or not you have a right to complain.

I do every time. It’s cheap insurance for those expensive tires I just bought.