New tesla electric charging stations at the supermarket. Edumicate me

Does any Tesla charge for free?

For non Tesla I see you can get an adapter, do you have to pay? If so how as there is no card reader on the station.

Read the super chargers can only be used on Tesla, how do you tell.

Any way to know KW charge?

Internet search is not being very helpful, so thanks for your input.

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No. Only Teslas that were sold with the promise of free supercharging for life.

Yep, you have to pay. Via an app on your phone.

If it’s a Tesla-branded supercharger and you don’t have an adapter, you can’t charge. Tesla is supposedly working to change that, but don’t expect anything any time soon.

Yes, the app will tell you when it tells you how much you’re being charged.


That would stop me from buying an electric car. I don’t have a phone that I can put an app on. That is not the only thing that stop. me from buying an electric car though.


Agree I don’t have or want a smarter than me phone.


Wow, no cell reception you can’t charge your car at one of the stations?

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There are many charging stations other than Tesla.

Charge Point has a map of a network of charging stations, estimated prices are shown for each location, many stations are free. A chargepoint card can be used for billing.


Just today my daughter mentioned the charger at work, and it’s free to use. Unfortunately, it’s 120V and unless it’s a PHEV, you won’t get much benefit. There is some discussion about changing to a high power charger. It’s a public library, btw.

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Just cause I had to look it up so others don’t plug-in hybrid electric vehicle ( PHEV )


How can you live a middle class life in today’s world without a smart phone?


I had to get a smartphone at work, did not want one, and had to be technical support for everybody with one. What is middle class these days. I think I might be, but live in a humble house and spend like a miser., though after retiring I now have a smartphone. Uber and lyft are the 2 big add on apps.

I must not be middle class if it requires,a smarter than me phone but then it don’t take much to satisfy me my little piece of land in the woods a small town close by just big enough to have the most of things I will ever need and to my knowdledge no EVs no Uber or Lyft in the area and of all the apps I have heard about I can do without very easl’y.


Electrify America stations also let you use a credit or debit card to pay, others may have the same option.

So a couple of weeks ago we were going to a wedding in Charleston SC, Sister in law picked the wrong bus at the right hotel at the right time. Now BIL is rich beyond belief, but in the lobby of the hotel loading up for the wedding at whatever plantation she said here we go. Was sceptical as there was a Mercedes Big thing out there but we went on the yellow schoolbus. Kids names post it noted over each seat and very little legroom. Get to the wedding, wow outdoor tent and no heaters? Sat in the staging area for he wedding, and wtf did they change their names? Double wedding?

Turned out to be we got the wrong bus. so we are trying to figure out what to do. Uber, Lyft, sorry, cannot go there. WTF

Luckily the wedding planner hired the same limo company, so 4 of us are standing in the drive waiting 35 minutes till one of the Mercedes bus driver could come to pick us up 30 minutes to take us to the right wedding.

Well if I had charged a quarter a person we could made a ton of cash for the number of people that came up to talk to us. They were so sweet, have some drinks, have some food, My brother in law raised jewish said I knew we were in the wrong place when they smashed wine glasses.

So they sent out the mercedes big van to fetch us, made it in time for dinner, missed all the wedding family photos, I could go on.


Unless you have been to the south before that was a heck of introduction to the south. :grinning:

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Uber and Lyft are critical for me, as well as my banking app and the my chart app for connections to my doctors and medical records.

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Luckily I can do all that on line from the house and don’t need to do anything away from home as of yet.


Not sure what you mean, Lived in FL. wife lived in GA, ex wife went to funeral and days of food and remembrances in somewhere in LA, gas heater in the house only, got to ride on his twin deisel old yacht formerly owned by some star I do not remember. Remember him saying as we were speeding at 85 mph, they know me and won’t pull me over.

I thought this may have been your first trip to the south but I now know it is not and you are not a newbe To the southern ways

I have not noticed a difference, there are good people everywhere. Surprising while living in ND they had the most millionaires per capita.
Looks like they have dropped.

North Dakota 19,662 6.00%
Colorado 143,564 6.47%
Georgia 200,395 5.20%
New Hampshire 39,209 7.36%
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Millionaires have become quite common with the constant devaluation by the governments fiscal policies. The equivalent in 1940 was under 20,000 dollars. A new Cadillac in 1940 was $1200.
I never claimed to be any particular class, it is just that when I made more money, I did not think it meant I had to spend more money. I don’t care two figs about what people think of what I drive or own.

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