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Lower control arm

I just had a left front lower control arm replaced. The bushing where it attaches to the frame was shown to be worn. The mechanic said that the whole assembly needed to be replaced. He told me that the bushing could not be separately replaced, so i agreed to the work. the cost of the arm was $325.99 and labor was 90.00. Looking on the internet to see if paid too much for the part I saw the bushings for sale for $11.39 and the control arm for $80.

Did the mechanic misinform me (lie?) or just hose me on the cost of the part? This is a national franchise car care center.

what ARE we working on?



Bandit GONE!

I Forgot. This is a 1999 Ford Windstar.

Considering the MSRPs I saw for these Ford parts, I would conclude that the car care center marked up the prices substantially. Next time, I would do some checking around before agreeing to the price, or delay the repair if possible and do research. Several franchise car care centers are noted for high mark ups, so this experience is one more reason to price around and to use a trusted independent mechanic for all of your work.

TO ADD TO THAT STATEMENT,check dealers also you may be surprised!

we are in the 10yr turnaround where as the independants cost more and give you less.

okay! moving on 12.00 bushings (now add the labor to the bushings ,A[to have them pressed out ,then in with the new,then on the rack,then replace them in 2 years [because as we all know ,YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR] or just SLAM on new arms,half the labor.

I must add the price is WAY high for the arms,call the dealer tomm,and let us know.

good day! ole chap!