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New starter whining during crank up

We just bought a new starter and there is a high pitch whine when you let go of the key. It cranks and sounds fine. I know it has something to do with the distance between the bolts but not exactly sure how to go about adjusting and fixing.

It sounds like a problem with the overrunning clutch on the new starter.

Get another starter.


My husband says that’s not the problem and the starter is brand new so no reason to buy another new one.

A starter can be bad right out of the box, especially if it’s a rebuilt.

The starter isn’t bad, my husband fixed the problem.

Thanks for trying to help

But you are not going to tell us what the problem was?

I got a car with a loud starter. Screech is more like like. After several yrs of hell I changed it out and new one is noticeably quieter. I never knew motor turned over that way with so little grinding

Yes, please let us know what the problem was and how he fixed it. The info may help the next person with a similar problem.