New starter - high pitched sound

I replaced the starter in my 2001 dodge grand caravan two days ago with a brand new TYC 1-17784 starter motor. It starts fine the only thing is that it has a higher pitched sound when starts. There is no grinding noise and the high pitched sound does not continue once the engine is started. The starter did not come with a shim but I used the shim from the old starter. I am wondering if maybe the sound will go away once it gets ‘worn in’ or perhaps this is a non issue that I shouldn’t be worried about.

What you’re probably hearing is the overrunning clutch spinning when the starter disengages when the engine starts.

I wouldn’t worry about it.


What starter did you have originally? I am used to Chrysler products and their quirks with “gear reduction” starters. If you have a regular starter there…and it appears that you do…the sound will be different than a gear reduction starter. The gear reduction starter has more power but it turns a lot slower. This may be your problem.

The previous starter, which I believe was original, has the following information:

Chrysler 04686045AC

It appears that your old starter was a gear reduction type. I’m with Tester here and wouldn’t worry about it as long as the engine starts.