Starter Noise - 2001 Dodge Caravan



The last week has been a bit cool overnight, less than 10F and when I start my 2001 Grand Caravan (170K miles) the starter sounds like an air motor gone wild. The noise occurs immediately after the engine starts. It sound to me like once the starter disengages from the engine the starter motor is still turning with no load. There is not grinding. Is there a fix for this or do I need to replace the starter?


It will need to be removed and bench tested. I think the solenoid is faulty.

If after considering the cost of repair, you may want to replace to starter. Personally, I’d replace it with a new one. (but that’s just me) You may want to get a rebuilt starter.


I have this same issue with my 2001 Grand Caravan. It only happens when the vehicle has been sitting in the cold for a while, so never in the spring/summer/fall…just now has started again with the colder temperatures and the sound goes away within a couple seconds…at the most, 5 seconds in real cold temps.
I’ve never been sure what the cause was, I guess it could be the starter if my symptoms are the same as yours…Mine did this last winter, and has never had a problem starting so if it is the starter…I’ll just take my chances and keep going…
Is it possible it’s not the starter making this noise though?


I have the same problem. It is the power steering pump. I replaced the starter and both idler gears. I found it one morning when the tires were frozen to the ground and the noise went with the steering movements.


So what you’re saying is, replacing the starter/idler gears didn’t help, but the P/S pump was also replaced and THAT fixed the problem/sound?


its funny this post came up… i have the same noise in mine, and i assumed it was the starter too. i’ll have to investigate the PS pump. that never dawned on me as a possible source of the noise.

and this is definately related to below freezing weather, when it warms up it never makes this sound.