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New spark plug broken stuck in hole

Looking for some advice please changed all spark plugs on my car Subaru Forester. All spark plugs went in fine apart from one. As I was putting last one in I broke the ceramic. I have now cleared all loose ceramic out using a compressor. Now my socket will not attach to the spark plug, I am using the same socket that I used to put the rest in. Now it just won’t latch on. Driving me mad. I have pictures I can upload. Please any help will be much appreciated.

Try a slightly larger deep well socket… an English socket may work. It doesn’t matter at this if you damage the hex a bit getting it out.

The only reason I can think the socket will no longer go onto the hex is that you may have damaged the hex. The broken ceramic leads me to that thought. Spark plugs don’t need to be torqued down that tight.

If it’s loose and just sitting in the hole, try a magnet

It could be some ceramic is jammed down by the plug, preventing the socket from engaging. I see something at around ‘5 o’clock’ on your photo. A long narrow screwdriver might get it out. This is where a cheap endoscope would be useful.

Thank you all for your reply. We have managed! Damaged spark plug out. Waiting on new one. It was only hand tight it was the tool that cracked it.

Thanks for posting back. Try and support the extention at the center of the spark plug well with your hand when tightening. It will keep the socket away from the ceramic. Good Luck!

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