New Soul in my Del Sol



I have a 1997 Honda Del Sol, and have a small oil leak coming from my head gasket, course 195,000 miles… time to put in new engine, since no mechanics will work on it… now the question is… my little car has the standard 1.6 liter engine… .can I put the vtec engine in without having to reinvent the little car…


Why won’t any mechanics work on it? It’s just a Honda, it’s not rocket science.

Swapping engines is more difficult than it sounds. In addition to the engine, you will need to change the engine management computer and possibly the wiring harness, or at least parts of it.

It’s not a simple job. I’d stick with the standard engine, or just buy a more powerful car.


Thanks… I had a feeling that was going to be the case… and most mechanics say they are disposible engines and just don’t want to deal with it… ok… maybe not most… but the guys I’ve dealt with, and with that many miles… kind of a good idea… I guess…