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New Roaring Noise in Tires

While on a recent 800 mile trip, by the end of it (on interstate driving) a roaring noise was coming from the from tires. A quick inspection showed nothing amiss. It’s a 2001 Volvo XC70 with 108,000 miles. The Michelin tires were new at 100k. No shimmering or shaking at higher/lower speeds or changing lanes. Just the annoying new roar as the car gets going over 20mph.

Although tires do often get noisier as they wear, I don’t think you’d normally notice a change over just 800 miles. My first suspicion is a wheel bearing going out. I’d have a mechanic take a look at the whole front end to be safe.

appreciate your feedback. just a note, the change just “suddenly” happened - after eight THOUSAND miles. would it be both bearings? it’s a pretty “even” hum.

Most likely a wheel bearing is giving out on you. Could also be a bad CV joint, but check out the wheel bearings first.

In those 8k miles you’ve driven the car since you installed the new tires, have you checked the pressure and rotated them yet? If not, rotate the tires front to rear, and check the pressure.


thank you both! will do.

As noted it may not be the tyres, but if a bump could have sent the alignment off or they may have improperly aligned it when they replace the tyres. With the alignment off it is possible to tyres to wear in a way to match your descriptions. It can happen is a short time.

If alignment is off, will it be evident in treadwear, even if it’s just been making the noise the past 200 miles? Or will a mechanic have to check this? Tires were rotated at 104k.