New Reliable Car with Specific Features

Hi there, here is the background.

My Toyota Corolla has 242K miles and still going. But I am looking around just in case it dies.

Must be naturally aspirated preferably with no CVT. Need power. Should be reliable for 250K miles. Android Auto would be very high on the need list.

Car manufacturers aren’t making those anymore. Any recommendations?

Save a little extra and get a Camry . Standard 2.5 liter NA 4 cylinder and a 8 speed normal transmission and im sure they have Android support on the radio .

Rather than accepting random–and undoubtedly incomplete–recommendations from the folks in this forum, I strongly suggest that you pick up a copy of the Consumer Reports New Car Buying Guide.
This publication lists every model available in The US marketplace, and it includes all the information that you might need, including historical reliability ratings, gas mileage, a description of each model’s strong points and weak points, and the equipment that each model features. It even compares models in each size/price category, and puts them in rank order of desirability.

You should be able to find this publication at a large news stand, such as the magazine section of Barnes & Noble.


I’m not sure about that point.
One of the recent criticisms of some Toyota models is that they only support Apple phones.

Edited to add the following, from the April, 2019 issue of CR, regarding the Camry:
“The striking, angular center dash houses an infotainment system that offers Apple CarPlay compatibility, but not Android Auto.”

Camry with the 3.5 V6 or the Lexus ES350 will easily suit your needs.

As for support Android. I agree it’s nice to have, but this is easily solved with an aftermarket system. If you find a vehicle that meets your needs but doesn’t have android audio then this is a viable option.

Why is Android Auto so important? The Camry will link to an Android phone through Bluetooth so you can take and make hands free calls.

Test drive the Camry with the 4, you might be pleasantly surprised with its power. I know of no car that meets all your needs.

The biggest thing for either Android auto or Apple Car play the Phone’s screen for some apps can now be displayed on the cars system. Maps is one.

I have Toyot’s Etune system…the one thing that bugs me is that ETune takes control of voice commands. Doesn’t let me talk to Siri. If not connected I can say “Show me directions to nearest Gas Station”.

@VDCdriver is correct. Camry does not support Android Auto. Their V6 XSE is a real deal for a lot more money of course.

Toyota is behind the curve in technology. Too bad. Because, their machines are rock solid.

As an engineer and engineer manager I understand the reason NOT to be on bleeding edge. I actually like their approach…it’s the reason Toyota makes great reliable vehicles.


A lot of the sites I looked at says Camry will have Android for the 2020 models so they are one to check out for the 2020 models.

What you do is go to the manufacture web sites and use the build your own feature . That will answer questions you have not even thought of. As for recommendation’s from this forum or any forum is almost a waste of time. We all have brands we like and brands we don’t even want someone to park in our driveway.
Very seldom that someone who asks what to buy that returns actually buys one of the suggested vehicles.

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No CVT, No turbo (but alot of power), needs Android Auto. Asking for a trouble-free 250k is unlikely no matter what car you get. Even with proper maintenance getting a quarter million miles out of a car with nothing breaking ever is rare.

Off the top of my head I can think of some vehicles that meet those requirements

Ford Mustang GT
Ford Fusion Sport
Chevy Impala
Chevy Camaro
Chevy Corvette
Cadillac CTS
Dodge Charger
Dodge Challenger
Genesis G80
Genesis G90

Are you willing to buy a car with a manual transmission? If so, I expect finding more of the other features you desire in the same car will be a little easier.

As for the stereo upgrade (if missing Android Auto) there are many available. Just make sure you buy a car that will allow the head unit to be replaced. On some cars the factory unit cannot be replaced.

I would verify with Crutchfield, if you decide on a car that must be upgraded.

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You’re looking for big engined diesel. Those don’t have too much trouble driving for 1000000 kilometers if maintaned right. However, I’m a European and our “Big” diesels are typically Volkswagen 1.9 TDi ranging from some 60 to 110kW or Fiat 1.9 JTD engines ranging 70 to 100kW. Both of these are pleasant to drive and offer good power to fuel consumption ratio. They are both turbocharged (really don’t know why you’d hate on a good turbo, it’s not 70’s anymore), though german Volkswagens could be pain in the butt to repair, as even for removal of the oil filter (In passat) you have to move the coolant reservoir (They be very german cars). If you can deal with the repair difficulty by DIYing around it, VW typically offers decent quality, though Fiat didn’t dissapoint me as well.

I’m the kind of guy who buys cars in 1000€ range, so I’m buing very affordable cars with attention to the health of the engine.

Agree; Camry is about as bullet-proof as the Corolla. Buy the basic 4 cylinder model! My sister’s 2000 model is still going strong!

The Camry doesn’t meet the must be powerful criterion, unless it comes with the V6. Even then, it isn’t powerful as 6-cylinders go.

Toyota’s might be reliable but their entune system is behind the times. There is no reason that mirroring your phone should be so complicated. It is only because Toyota does not want to pay google the required fees, has nothing to do with their drivetrain reliability. It is more about their profits.
The Camry is still a great car, but if you want something smaller, then check the Hyundai Elantra and Kia Forte. They usually have the mirroring stuff and you can add blind spot and rear cross traffic alert to the list.