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New rack & pinion

I own a 1999 Monte Carlo with 130,000 miles on it. I don’t know how this happened but my rack snapped in half and to replace everything, re-alignment, labor, etc… it’s going to run me a little over $600. My question is, is it even worth it on this car? Should I just call it quits a get a new one?


It’s up to you. If you can get the steering repaired right for $600 then I would repair it. The price seems a little low in my opinion. A Monte Carlo with only 130K is worth repairing and you will be money ahead by keeping and driving the vehicle a few more years.

For a rack to snap in half something significant has to have happened or to be going on. I’m thinking a prior accident. There are some failures that would make me totally lose faith in the safety of a vehicle, and this is such a failure. I had a rear axle, wheel attached (RWD car), slide out of the housing once, and that was one too. Once the axle was back in immediately traded the vehicle. I’d do the same with this vehicle.