New "old" oil filter on Toyota

Why did Toyota return to oil filter technology that was abandoned 40 years or so ago?

Because it is supposed to save the environment. Apparently we were dumping too many metal oil filters in the trash, they do not get recycled. I am not a big fan of these “new” ones mostly because I do my own oil changes and things could get messy with the paper filters. But, from what I have been told, like any change, you eventually get used to it.

What are you talking about?


New cars have plastic canister bodies. U can remove base plate and toss o-ring and than use traditional style filters. Almost all websites that cater to each car has details on how to do it. Pretty easy.

You mean the cartidge filters?

That’s like saying if my furnace filter is dirty I should throw out the furnace.

If the filter media becomes dirty why not just replace the filter media?


Sounds like the way it was on our 1958 Chevy.

Yeah, but the problem is that those cartridge filters often cost more than the spin-on filters. They should cost less to manufacturer.

Consumers are getting ripped off.

Exactly; some bean counters thought of a way to shave production costs and increase profit margin.
It’s the same reason they use injection molded plastic or a pop rivet instead of a screw. Cheaper.

The point could be made that if one took a shipping container full of paper elements, the container would likely hold more individual filters and would cost less to ship based on weight as compared to a container full of steel canister filters.