Toyota oil filter

I want to start doing my own oil changes on my 2009 Toyota Corolla. I want to switch to synthetic oil and it’s a pretty costly proposition if I have it done at the dealer. Besides, I like to do my own oil changes on my other vehicles. My first obstacle I incontered is locating the oil filter.

I think I found it right next to the oil pan but I can’t find any information on my owner’s manual to confirm it. Is there a web-site that may show me that information? I hate to have to buy a maintenance manuel just to find the oil filter. If I’m correct and I found the correct location, is there a special tool required to unscrew cap to get to the cartidge? I afraid to cause any damage to parts on a one year old car. The cap does not have anything that would accommodate a socket, allen wrench or anything I’m used to seeing for oil filter cartridges replacements. Can anybody give me a hint? I would appriciate it.

the power of google…just did a search…here’s what you need to know…

Here’s what Toyota say’s about changing the oil filter in your vehicle and the special tool required.


Why do you want to change to synthetic oil? A Corolla will get no benefit at all from synthetic oil. It’s just a waste of money.

Some additional “hints”. Find out how the engine in your Toyota is refered too. When you know this you can post something like “I have a 2009 Toyots Corolla with the ***** engine”. It helps people give you help

Based on the link Tester provided…it’s looks like the exact same filter as on my wifes Lexus. You only replace the filter element and two gaskets (provided with the filter). You can get a special tool…or if you have room use a pipe wrench (that’s I’ve been using for the past couple of years). Very easy to do.

I’m not changing to synthetic oil? The OP is.


I hear and read so much about the benefits of synthetic. Equal molecules, super slippery, better lubrication, no sludge build-up, extends the life of motor. Why does this not apply to a Toyota Corolla?

I want to switch to synthetic oil

Why? For the most part if the car manufacturer does not specify a synthetic oil, there is no reason to use it. Not that it will hurt anything other than your cost, but there is very little, normally, to gain.

Joe, I have noticed some types of syn oil have swollen the gaskets on some types of oil filters.Any chance this will bother a Toyota engine?-Kevin (not stealing the thread-this may have some relation)

Synthetic oil does NOT swell gaskets. There is no problem what-so-ever in using Synthetic oil in ANY engine from any manufacturer.

Wvra00, the wonderful things you’ve read about synthetic were all written by companies that sell synthetic. Synthetic is chemically the same as dino, excpt that its molecular size is more consistant and it’s more pure.

We’ve had numerous disussion on synthetic vs. dino. My own experience, and the general concensus, is that unless your owner’s manual specifies synthetic you’ll derive no benefit. However, if you prefer to use synthetic it’ll also so no harm. If it feels good you can do it with confidence. It feeling good is reason enough to justify using it.

One comment: don’t you just hate these new replacable-element filters?

Mike these gaskets would swell so much-I could scarcly remove the filter with a filter wrench and most of the time,I put them on hand tight(not all brands of oil will do this)-Kevin

Thanks mountainbike
the “except” differences is almost enough to make me feel better about using it, depending on how thin my wallet is at the time my oil changes are due. Liked your comment about the new oil filter replacement elements. The old type worked fine. Why can’t they just leave well enough alone? I looked on the internet to find out what it would cost to buy a oil filter cap remover tool for my Toyota…Cost $37.00 plus tax. Give me a break. I could probably use a pipe wrench like one guy suggested but it’s my luck, I would probably damage the cap and have to pay an arm and a leg to replace it. Wonder if they would take my first born. I could spare him…Naa just kidding.

Most of those benefits are marketing hype to convince you your vehicle can benefit from synthetic oil when it can’t. Your car will last just as long if you use the type of oil Toyota recommends for your car and change it as often as they recommend. Sludge won’t be a problem if you use normal oil and change your oil on time.

Something else is going on there…it’s NOT the oil.

Did you put a thin layer of oil on the gasket before you installed it.

One comment: don’t you just hate these new replacable-element filters?

Actually I like it. Takes a little longer…and it’s far better for the environment.

Yes,but I think its the brand of oil or gasket on the filter it reacted like real rubber rather then a synthetic type of rubber.this has happened at least twice-Kevin

“Why does this not apply to a Toyota Corolla?”

It doesn’t apply to almost any car. You just happen to have a Corolla. If you drive in a severe environment, it might make sense. If you want to substantially extend the time between oil changes and the synthetic oil you use has extra additives to allow the extended interval, it might make sense. But mostly, the extra cost is not justified.

An auto parts store, or Walmart, might have that oil filter cartridge wrench much cheaper than the dealer’s price. The Toyota wrench looks like those available elsewhere. The question will be, “What Size?”