New oil pump and now it sounds like it is in a low gear?

Hello everyone,

I have 97 Honda Accord that just the other day got a new oil pump. As soon as I drove it away from the shop I noticed that when I press on the accelerator it revs like it is a lower gear and vrooms up a little louder than usual. Would this be related to the new oil pump or am I in for something different?

Thanks for any help.

Was it necessary to remove any part of the exhaust to replace the oil pump? I think yes. It is possible you have a exhaust leak.

I’m not sure. I’ll have to ask the mechanic. He said to bring it back in a week just so he can check it (the oil pump that is). Thanks for the question.

So what was the reason for an oil pump replacement?
Oil pumps only go bad once in a blue moon.

My thoughts were the same as OK4450. Why was the pump replaced?
And how many miles does the car have on it? Manual tranny?

If it was replaced because it was having trouble maintaining pressure at idle, it may have been replaced needlessly…and the cause of the pressure difficulty may be related to your problem. If the engine is worn out and you’re pushing oil out your main seals it is possible that it’s gotten on your cluth assembly and it is slipping. Our your clutch could just be worn out. That would give you your symptoms.

Tell us more.

By the way, he needs to check out everything he touched, not just the oil pump (pressure).

Thanks for the response. The car is at 179k miles and automatic. He replaced the oil pump because I could occasionally smell oil burning and saw oil spots on the ground. I say occasionally because it really was only so often. I couldn’t replicate why it would happen it just would happen once in a while over the last couple of months. I mentioned it to him and after looking he said it was the oil pump leaking. Thanks again.

It sounds like a possible slipping tranny to me. Start by checking the level and condition of the tranny fluid.

I’m unsure what needs to be moved to change the oil pump on that car, but if he had to disconnect the tranny cooling line(s) you may have lost some fluid and he may have neglected to refill it.

Again, take it back to him to review his work.

Will do! Thank you!

Which engine do you have in this car? If the pump was leaking then why not a seal kit as in this example instead of replacing the pump?|GRPGASKAMS___

That’s assuming the pump was really leaking and the oil pressure sender was not at fault instead.

Just food for thought. If the engine apparently runs fine other than this noise/symptom I agree that it could be a slipping transmission.
If the engine appears to be a bit gutless or have comparative dead spots in it then maybe the timing belt, etc. is not installed correctly.

That also brings up the question of why a timing belt/tensioners/water pump was also not replaced.

Sorry, I don’t know enough to tell you which engine I have other than to say V-Tech… It’s not gutless, in fact, it revs up quick and moves. It is higher than what it did before I took it in to the shop. It troubles me because I’m concerned that I’ve been the only owner of the the car and I’ve never seen the tach jump as much as it has. All in all I think something is wrong and everyone has guided me in that direction that the mechanic needs to double check his work and I thank everyone for that!

The timing belt/water pump was replaced sometime in the last 8 months or so.