2000 Ford Mustang groaning noise

GT 4.6 motor automatic. 153k miles. Has ABS brakes. Have developed a rubbing or groaning noise when lifting foot from brake to take off from a stop or sometimes when simply lifting foot off gas to prepare to stop. Will not make noise all the time but there seems to be no pattern as to when it occurs. Mechanic replaced caliper - no help.

Just one of them? Which one? Why THAT one?

Restricted flex hose. Or not.

He thought that caliper was hung up. He kept the car several days and, in addition, he asked me if I had had any body work because you can hear road noise from the right side. I have not had any body work.One time when it was making the noise the brake light actually came on for maybe 5 seconds. He replaced the left front caliper but the noise continues. If it matters I NEVER use the parking brake. A week ago I was driving slowly around a drive-thru at Arby"s and it was making the noise and stalled. That’s the first time in 20 years it has stalled. I’m kinda at my wits end. It has been a great car for me. BTW I can also hear the outside road noise. He could find no casue for that.

Don’t know what that is.

What that is… is the rubber lines connecting the caliper. They degrade and fail over time and 20 years is time. The fsilure is like a check valve that acts like a stuck caliper.

You keep adding info… the brake light came one… why? You were not clear about “that” caliper. Reading further I assume that means the left front was replaced because he thought it was sticking.

And this is the first mention of a stall.

Since you don’t do your own work and seem to have limited automotive knowledge -not a knock, just an observation - it seems you need a better mechanic. This seems to be beyond his abilities. We can only do so much to diagnose the problem over the internet without sight, sound or touch. Find a well rated non chain repair shop and explain everything that happens and expect him to ask younquestionsas well. Expect to pay for diagnostic time in addition to the repair. Good Luck

Thanks for the info. My mechanic has been in business since the early 60’s. I’ll give your info to him. Sorry I didn’t give you all the info but things keep occuring to me. Appreciate your help.

So he is 70+ years old? Has he kept up with modern systems and electronics?

He has been my mechanic since about 1985. He has done a very good job for me over the years. I"ll take his experience any day over some others I’ve seen. He also has a staff of mechanics. I’m keenly aware that this is not an exact science. If it was there would be no need for Car Talk.

Ask your shop to double-check the brake power booster is working & holding vacuum.

Ross, it is, indeed, an exact science. In fact the very definition of science.

You post here, on the CarTalk forum where some pros, some diy folks and just interested poster reside. There are some very experienced and talented folks here but we cant see touch of hear your car. Your mechanic can. But he isn’t posting here looking for a solution. If he can’t fix it, there is a better mechanic out there that can. Good Luck