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New noise after bumper accident

I recently got into a minor accident (rear ended a truck at low speed) with my 96 Honda Accord. The damage was essentially just crushing my front license plate since I hit the truck’s hutch, but now a noise has started. It’s similar to a roulette wheel spinning fast, or a card in the spokes of a bike. It happens often when I am releasing the gas pedal to coast or slow down, but not always. Any ideas?

Could the fan (plastic) be just brushing the radiator when you are decelerating (fan motor mass trying to move the fan into the radiator)?

Try turning on the engine when parked, and just lightly pushing on the fan towards the radiator. If you hear the same sound, you found the problem.

Thanks, I’ll definitely try that first thing tomorrow. Appreciate the help.

If anyone cares to know the outcome: I brought it into the mechanic and it turns out the engine mount broke and the fan was hitting the engine.

Thank you sincerely for letting us know. We post because we’re trying to help people and it really feels good to know the outcomes.

Three cheers for Halkbrdz! Nice work!