New motor, new ignition switch, stuck key?!



My 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee just got a new used motor. When I picked it up, I noticed the mechanic put a new ignition switch in. Since he didn’t mention doing that and since I don’t know any better, is this usual when replacing a motor?

Later when I tried to park the car, I could only turn the key far enough to turn the car off. I couldn’t move the switch to the next position to remove the key…UNLESS I restarted the car, put it in reverse and moved the car, then put it back in park.

Is there any danger or potential damage in this, or can I put off fixing it until I’ve recovered from paying for a new engine?!



No, it is not typical or required to change the key and tumblers when changing a motor. My guess is the mechanic that changed your motor got the shift linkage out of adjustment while removing or installing the motor. Then when he tried to remove the key he experienced the same problem you are having only he broke the old key off trying to get it out. You should return the Jeep to the mechanic and request that he properly adjust the shift linkage for you for free.