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New Model Car

I have Audi old model car… its good but I want to speed up its performance… I want the suggestions about the decision of buying new car or repairing or maintaining it’s old parts or engine.

MRO Supply

What kind of Audi? Any performance modifications that amount to much of anything will take a lot of money.

If we knew what year/model you have it would make it easier to figure out what kind of performance improvements are even possible. HPA offers some upgrades but they’re not cheap.

Speed is just a matter of money. How fast do you want to go?

My advice, buy new. Audi are like Benzes or BMW, warranty only vehicles. There’s a good reason you can buy 10 yr old Audis for very little money. Modifying them or even required maintenance is an expensive proposition.

I am of the firm belief that when you decide your old vehicle needs to have more performance…buy another vehicle that already performs better. It saves time, money and a great deal of aggravation.

This is probably not the right forum for this question. A few here can talk hot-rod-ese with the best of them but performance oriented forums exist for nearly every Audi (or any other car for that matter). Read through their technical forums to find out what others have done and the results (and the cost).

I agree with @missileman and @BustedKnuckles, you can likely trade up in performance simply by buying a newer car for far less money than modifying your car.

If you have the money for a new car, it will almost certainly have better performance than an older Audi. It depends a lot on how old the one you own now is and what the model is. What are you driving now?

Heck, if it’s old and not one of their top of the line models, even a new Scion or Honda would probably even have better performance. You can’t make an old beater into a race car without a bottomless wallet.

VW Vortex has a good forum that the OP should check out, there are options out there but it all depends on which engine and how much money is available. A new or newer car might just have better performance than what you have now but it all depends on your idea of performance and the current vehicle you have.