Exotic Car (2009 Audit TT) & old school service garage

Hello people! So I’ve got a 2009 Audi TT on order from the factory and have this burning question…

I’ve been taking my past vehicles (Hondas & Subarus) to our really nice service garage for all maintenance issues for the last ten years. Flat tires, oil changes, tune ups, etc. Now I’m going to be purchasing this somewhat exotic sportscar and have the option to buy the Audi Maintenance Program for $650- which covers everything, and I mean everything, except tires. I’d love to keep taking the new car to these nice decent people but I’m just wondering if I’m being naive in thinking that the car may be too technologically advanced for them to service. Don’t get me wrong- they are not in the stone age at all and are fully certified and all that.

What do you all think??

I forgot to mention that the Audi program covers me for 4 years.

Will the Audi program let you use a mechanic of your choice?

This car isn’t THAT exotic-- it’s basically a VW-- and, though it might have some ideosynchrocies a good all-around mechanic should be able to handle 90% of the repairs on this thing and should have the good sense to recognize the 10% that’s beyond their experiance.

An Audi TT isn’t an exotic - it’s a VW Golf, I think, with a different body. Any VW mechanic can fix it, and I would suspect most other mechanics wouldn’t have a problem. I think the maintenance program is a rip-off - how much does 16 oil changes cost? (4/year for 4 years… total cost around $480, assuming $30/change [which is higher than average, I’ve found.])

Doesn’t Audi provide free oil changes and tuneups during the warranty period? I know they used to. If they still do that, then paying extra for their Maintenance Program doesn’t really buy you much extra does it? How long is the warranty period and free service without the extra cost?

I’d probably want to stick with my local independent after the warranty anyway.

Since you really like your regular shop, give them a heads up and tell them the new car info thereby giving them a chance to get all neccessary info or software they migh need. If they appreciate your business they’ll accommodate you and continue to be your shop of choice.

Thanks for the advice! I’ll talk to them about the software and all that.

BTW- Audi gives you the option to purchase the “zero money out of pocket” thing as opposed to just adding it in like BMW.

Also, I would never tell her that she’s just a Golf underneath that sexy skin : )

There is nothing in your glorified Jetta (sorry I couldn’t resist) that a good VW mechanic hasn’t seen before.

Okay, okay, I get it! But that’s what I like about her. Humble at heart with supermodel looks!

Supermodel? Really?

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