Need help with some suggestions

-new headlights
-new exuast system
-new rims
-new radio
-new stereo
new speakers

all suggestions appreciated!

If you are asking for suggestions about add-ons to replace all of those items then there will be a 1000 answers to your question. What might seem great to one person might be disgusting to you and everyone else.

If you are talking about mods on a new car then you need to realize that you might open up a can of worms if warranty issues arise and those issues are tied in any way to those mods. Goodbye factory warranty.

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I’m just open to suggestions! It’s a used Passat from 2017 with over 50k miles on it. I just wanted to change it up a bit!! No warranty on anything anymore

My suggestion is to save your money, and avoid doing silly “upgrades”, which often times make the car less valuable than stock.

Headlights are of course a maintenance item, and should only be replaced if burned out or dim from age, or if the plastic lens has become damaged. The exhaust system should be kept stock, and only repaired or replaced with OEM style parts if it has become damaged. The audio system should also be kept “stock”, although it is acceptable to replace the OEM speakers with better quality speakers, especially if the originals have worn out and started to sound poor.


What is broken now?
If nothing, save your money for maintenance and repairs.

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If I had bought that car, the first thing that I would have done–prior to purchase–was to verify through hard copies of maintenance invoices that the oil had been consistently changed on schedule, and that ONLY the correct European-specification oil was used throughout its life. If not, then instead of spending money on modifications, the OP would be well-advised to bank his money to pay for timing chain replacement and other engine issues.


This forum tends to have a lot of experts that, as you see, will recommend you leave the car as the façtory built it. I suggest you find a VW or Passat specific forum. Do a little reading there.

Go find some internet vendors that specialize in Passat performance parts and do a little reading there. Those specialists will sell you items that actually fit and work on your car in contrast to the typical Ebay cheap part seller that SAYS it will fit but won’t.

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By new headlights if you mean to replace the bulbs with LED I say don’t do that. This site gets posts from people who have had problems electrical after doing that or just did not get any improvement.
Of course a VW Passat is not a vehicle I would spend extra money on.

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I’d bring all maintenance up to date, make sure my tires are in great shape, get the interior detailed, then DON’T (edit) look at a new sound system if that’s important to you. Crutchfield is a good place for that.

Edit-forget the part about changing the radio. VWs are infamous for running their car electronics through the audio system. Changing it can cause problems. New speakers shouldn’t be a problem, though.


Give her a thorough wash, vacuum, and wax! :sunglasses:

It’s still a matter of personal choice. Everyone who responded could be on the same page about everything you asked and yet you might not like any of it. Browse the net for pics and suggestions.

You’re focused on the non-essentials but as alluded to by others you really need to think about the mechanical end of things and that especially relates to matters involving engine oil type and keeping it changed regularly.

All of those fast depreciating add–ons won’t mean a thing if the car is sitting in the driveway with an engine problem.
Look at the thread on this forum about the just purchased VW that now needs 3800 dollars worth of work; and the car will not be worth 3800 even with the work completed.


One thing I would STRONGLY recommend against . . . don’t change the radio

On modern cars, pretty much everything is networked

And if you change the radio, you might very well have strange problems, such as not starting, a million warning lights illuminated, and so forth


First thing I might do is get the oil changed with the correct VW spec oil, unless you know for a fact it was done correctly.

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