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New law in Mexico for motorcyclists?

I just opened my Facebook and someone had posted a news article here in Mexico. The Minister of Communications, sounds like a Federal Office, was arrested for operating his motorcycle without wearing the mandatory orange vest, as required effective October 15.

I am guessing if this is serious news and not a joke, well, it is now mandatory to wear an orange vest while operating a motorcycle in Mexico.

Whether that is true all over or only on Federal HIghways, I will find out eventually.

I will try to let you know. I realize this is not important to most of you, but still it doesn’t hurt to keep up on what is happening in other countries.

I think a law like that is in effect elsewhere in Latin America - the riders in Colombia have to wear vests I think, maybe with a number on them.

Well, it never hurts to wear an orange vest anyway just in case it is the law there. I think our military makes their servicemen wear high visibility vests on base when operating a motorcycle.
Loud clothes save lives?

This could be a law that the cops can handle there in Mexico. If true, however, it could take their attention away from other crime. Headlight on in the daytime works fine for me; has since it started here in 1968.

In a country with single payer health care, it’s important to reduce the motorcycle injuries as much as possible…

Could be. In Colombia it was to cut down on the assassinations.

So far I have found nothing via Search. But, to understand this that cop got to arrest a high ranking government official. He gets to brag to his fellow cops about it, heh, heh. But, if other CA countries and our military have that law, then that makes sense Mexico would do it, too. Thanks for that information. I thought it was really strange.

@irlandes: I’d think that for most cops arresting a high-ranking government official would be the last thing they’d want due to the publicity. Even in this country, it would tend to have the effect of making you somewhat less employable in a lot of cases…

Maybe it only applies during deer hunting season? … lol …