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Can You See Me Now: Cellphones and Motorcycle Riding

Here is a link to what I think is an interesting editorial: http://blo…index.html

Here is a funny excerpt:

“Seems that in Vietnam - where motorcycles make up the primary form of transportation - things have gotten so out of hand that E.R. doctors are pleading with legislators to crack down on drivers texting while…riding. A motorcycle. (or in this case, scooters too). Yup, it’s as insane as it sounds.”

while i’m all for the heavy fines for cellphone use, it does no good if you’ve only got a total force of 10 police officers working thousands of miles of roadway. I’d say go upwards of $2500 for talk/texting for the first offense, with fines doubling each time, and loss of license after the 5th or 6th offense, maybe even a special, high cost license plate for those who do, like Ohio had with DUIs.
When an accident occurs, if one party was proven to be on the phone, they’re automatically at fault regardless, with fines doubled over top of the other fine for just getting pulled over for it(i.e. first offense for talk/text plus accident equals $5000 fine plus points on license for at-fault accident).

How many phones can someone lose on a motorcycle? It seems like you’d lose a couple a month, even in Vietnam where you don’t need gloves. They must have them on a lanyard so that they remain with you - all the way to the emergency room.

This sounds like a self-limiting problem.


This is what it must look like.