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I just saw the new landing page today. Can I assume from this that Ray’s column is no more?

Ray’s last article is there , it just does not credit him like in the past. I think the new editor is trying to attract younger readers who might not be as familiar with the Car Talk radio show .

Ray’s letters are still under Cars A-Z. I always wondered why they had them on both locations.

Thanks folks

Scroll down a little to news and advice, latest is from 5/22/23 with Ray’s name right below the title, can click to see the rest of his posts.
As Temperatures Drop, So Does Mileage - Car Talk

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I suspect the Car Talk Main Page change is so Car Talk’s website producers can obtain more revenue to better fund running this website. So it’s a good change imo. I expect every time somebody clicks on one of those car links, a little more shows up in the website’s coffers. Win/win.

A list of the most recent newspaper columns appear about halfway down the page now.

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My question is when are they going to update the tire review page??

The Firestone review is outdated and not correct, it still shows the FR710 and then the All Season (the review shows them as either or), the All Season replaced the RF710 way back around 2017/2018, and the FR710 is no longer, I used to run the FR710’s and they were great even in 7-9" of snow on steep hills even down to 6-7/32 of tread left (ask me how I know) and great in the rain…

And the Destination A/T was replaced by the A/T2’s years ago, been over 2 years since even seeing the older discontinued A/T… Both great A/T tires BTW…

The Bridgestone reviews looked good though… Didn’t look at any others…

That whole tire section has me wondering where they get their data. I’m sure that Cartalk isn’t out there testing hundreds of tires. Also, they have recommendations for specific cars. Why in world would the ‘best tire’ for a CR-V be different than for a Rav4? And the recommendations hardly have any tires in common!

I smell a rat…or, should I say, a sponsor.

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