New job at Car Dealership

Hey everyone im 19 and just started a new job at Jim Baier Ford in Fort Madison Iowa. Im basically just trying to get my name out to people and build up a customer base. Hopefully anyone in the area will think of me when looking for your next vehicle. Once again my name is TJ Widbin and my phone number is 319- 470-1300 and my email is Thanks alot!

Experience? what do you hope to achieve?

I dont really have any experience in the car business. I worked at a bank for few years and also with my dad in his investment business. So I have worked on the business side of things just not with cars.
As far as what I want to achieve, I just want to give the buyer the best experience possible. I know car salepeople have a bad reputation for being dishonest and trying to rip people off and this is the total opposite of what I want people to think of me. So I guess my goal is just work hard and be honest, and hopefully the rest will fall into place.

Don’t worry. Soon you will realize that dealerships rip off sales guys too. I enjoyed my time, but the hours are too much if you have a family. Good luck. Just be honest and polite and people will refer to you. By the end of my time, I did not greet a lot of people- mostly referrals. Friendly transactions, nicer days then.


Your young and energetic. Do your best and learn as much as you can. The rest will come.
I wish you the best.

This board is for car questions not to solicit business.

I for one will WALK and NEVER go back to that dealership if I get a pushy salesman. Honest/layed back salesman/saleswoman are the ONLY ones I’ll deal with.

First, one should not use this site to drum up business.

Second, you may not be in the car sales field very long. You will discover very shortly that a car salesman is the most spat upon, trampled on person there.
Dogs at the pound get better treatment; at least they have a merciful out after 3 days.