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New ideas for old parts

1979 chevy pickup short stepside.

Age has take over the fuel filler rubber hoses and as yet I cannot find new ones.

- used ones will be in the same condition.

- too many bends for geneic hose.

Have already tried ;

LMC truck

Manes truck parts

Fleet side hoses are easy to cme by.

Any of youall collectors or restorers have other sources ?

You can smell gas just standing beside the parked truck and a full tank leaks through them.

Also already tried the dealer’s obsolete houses,
Auto Zone, Car Quest, and O’Reillys.

I’d keep calling around until you exhaust all of the parts stores (NAPA? Fisher? Checkers?..)

But I wonder if there isn’t a shop somewhere near you that could fab one for you - perhaps a crazy performance or race-oriented kind of operation. Time to try custom?

Would it be possible to duplicate the shape of the hose using exhaust pipe and fittings of the proper diameter?

With a combination of straight tube and various angled fittings maybe these can be cut and welded together to duplicate the shape of the hose. Then this welded tube could be connected to the fill collar and the gas tank with short pieces of hose and hose clamps.