New Idea for a car

I have a brilliant idea for a hybrid car that use no conventional fuel and its reliability would be ridiculous. it also would have 600+ hp.

I’ll bite.

If you can create 600 HP engine that doesn’t use a conventional fuel, and is so reliable, what the hell are you doing here?



OK, what’s your brilliant idea?

“brilliant” ?..I think not. Mine has 800+ hp seats 12 and uses no fuel at all; as a matter of fact, it makes it.

And thus, Soylent Gas was born.

I’ve designed a generator that produces more energy than it consumes; I am able to trisect an angle using the classic method of a compass and straightedge; and the coup de grace, my Perpetual Motion Machine, is nearing completion. All I need now is the 10 million giga-watts to power up the flux capacitor… Where’s the Man of La Mancha when you need him?!

I hope you’re not committing patent infringement on the prototype I built about 6 or 7 years ago. It sounds awfully familiar. Care to post any details before I sic the lawyers on ya’?


You just violated rule #1 of inventing something: Don’t tell anyone about your brilliant idea.

Perhaps the most ridiculous part of this concept is claiming to know both the reliability and the power output of this design before a prototype is actually built.

I just thought of something: cup holders. How many cup holders? That’s a deal breaker for some people.

I think someone already has that. They called it a steam engine. It runs on metal tracks.

I have a Jamaican coffee that should power your flux capacitor. We should talk.

Me too. Now if I can only get the Nuclear Regulatory Commission approvals…

Can’t be any worse than the nuclear powered aircraft concept (seriously proposed, believe it or not).

NOT seriously proposed originally anyway. Richard Feynman proposed it because they were giving out $1 for every patent idea involving nuclear power. He wanted money to buy treats for his fellow Manhattan Project physicists.

Someone later took it seriously, but Feynman knew it was stupid when he proposed it.

That’s no big deal.

My wife mixes one hell of a concoction of spices that after consumed will propel anyone from Ontario to the west coast for free. Now, if I could invent a rectumfier.

Unfortunately, some others (like Teller) never met a crazy idea they didn’t like (and he didn’t even play the bongo drums). (-;

It would be much easier to go this route.