New Geo Tracker?

I have a '96 Geo Tracker and I love this car! In 4-wheel mode, it drives on snow and ice like it’s springtime. It’s utility is amazing – hauls anything I want, and gets great mileage. It’s not a vanity car – it’s a worker. Here’s the question: Since it is a 1996, and nothing good lasts forever, I’ll eventually have to replace it. Of course, they don’t make them anymore. Is there anything out there comparable to this economical workhorse?

The Suzuki Grand Vitara is the same rig.

I had a Sidekick (same truck) of the same year…and found later the pre 2007 smaller RAV 4 to have ALL of the virtues (except off road and cost), and few of the faults (poor pick up and highway handling) The interior has more utility than the Tracker. Both rear seats remove in seconds with room to load a large generator or stand up several bikes. It is also rated to tow …1500 lbs. It’s actually made to go over 55 safely, unlike those old wind blown Sidekick/Trackers of any year. The newer Grand Vitaras are frameless, unlike the original GV and are NOT as economical to run in v6 or 4 cly. form. The CRV in any year will also blow away a Tracker/Vitara in practicality as well. Not for off road either though.
That was where my old Sidekick did excel.