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The next car

previous useful cars were 96 Toyota Camry fwd hatchback (rearended by a truck on an icy road, RIP) and a 98 4door 4WD stickshift Tracker now rusting out from the underside up (upstate NY, wonderful visibility and I, short person, sit high and happy.)

tried Matrix, Impreza - all the new cars are so yucky stylewise.

between the get-good-gas-mileage and the all-terrain vehicle sturdy, marinated in conflicting scruples - can’t do Ford or VW -

have '53 MGTD for fun -

drawn to rusted out Morris Minors & guzzling GM Jimmy’s on raised tires in the (Gillian’s) “BRAZIL” image, old 60’s era Land Rovers…buy American? Japanese as Hiroshima-reparation yet made in Indiana?

help. oh please, this terminally confused, late-blooming car nut.


If you’re looking for an affordable 4wd, how about a Suzuki Grand Vitara? Similar to your Tracker but larger. I believe they’re relatively affordable compared to other SUV’s its size.

The top-rated new SUV is the 2010 Subaru Outback, manufactured in Lafayette, Indiana.
I recommend the 6-cylinder version, which has a timing chain, rather than a timing belt.

How about the Hyundai Santa Fe? Drive one and see if you like it. I hear good things about them from friend and customers.

Be the first to buy one of these…off road sturdy, proven reputation for reliable machinery and 30 mpg over all. Then tell us what you think. Plus they are old time funky looking but reviews say they drive over the road quite nicely.