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Chevy Pickup - Fuel Starvation?

I have a 2001 Chevy Silverado with the 4.8L V-8 engine. It acts like it is running out of gas ( the gas tank is over half full).

The truck has sat for about 6 months in this condition without being started here in Sacramento, CA.

I then replaced the fuel filter and for a few minutes it started and the engine ran fine (without actually driving it).

A few days later I started it again and it now again acts like it has fuel starvation, it will rev up briefly then act like it is running out of fuel.

I know the fuel pumps are the Achilles Heel of these trucks, but before I try changing it I was wondering if there might perhaps be another problem such as the new fuel filter plugging up quickly or possibly an electrical problem.

I’ve always heard these fuel pumps either work or they don’t work, nothing in between.

This problem is intermittent but big enough the truck is not driveable.

Is there any way to get a good take on the problem before diving into the fuel pump replacement and hoping that solves the problem ?

Thanks, Jim

Some sea foam in the tank and some starting fluid is worth a shot. It could be bad gas or clogged injectors also.

Thanks, your suggestions are worth a try and I’ll do so. I’m still wondering if there could be an electrical problem. I’ll also add some fresh fuel to the tanks to see if that and your combo may make it work.

Pull the filter again…and see how dirty it is.

There’s no point at all in guessing. Put a fuel pressure gauge on it.

Also consider completely unrelated things - such as old or otherwise degraded ignition components.

If the truck sits a lot I would pull apart the entire air intake - mostly to clean out the rodent nest that might be in there - ?

If the gas is significantly old I would consider getting all of it out and adding fresh.

Thanks, more good ideas. I’ll try changing the gas which is ez. If that doesn’t do it, then I’ll get a fuel pressure gauge and test with that. The engine will start and rev for about a second or two and then it runs out of gas. These filters are stell clad so I may just replace this one again to rule it completely out. I opened the air intake system and it looks clean and has a new air filter so I don’t think that is the problem.