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Ford f150 misses

2001 f150 4.6 misses bad Replace all coils & plugs.But still misses at start up.Turn motor off and restart and some times it stops. Has a 135000 miles on it.what to do next?

Codes please

I agree with pulling the codes first. If you’re saying the truck only runs rough on initial startup and is fine thereafter then you should consider a fuel related problem.
Possibly a fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, or leaky fuel injector causing loss of residual fuel pressure that should be maintained while the engine is not running.

Ill try to get the codes with in a week.This all started about 6 months ago.When I give it heavy gas it runs fine until when I get to a cruising speed, any speed then it starts to miss again. Most of the time it is at initial startup. A few times it just starts to miss after its been running for a while.

Code is 0302. Try to replace fuel filter but can’t get the old one off. Whats the trick for that? The service engine light came on but then it turn itself off after the truck sat last night.It starts miss then it stops come and goes as you go down the road.

Replace the fuel filter next fuel injectors the code is 0302.What next after that?