New front wheel bearings and ABS brakes on 2000 chevy astro van

I just had a car inspection for new tags and was told I needed new front wheel bearings on my 2000 chevy astro van. An ABS light flashed on once since the inspection but it went away. I shopped the price of $300 to do the wheel bearings and was told by another shop that it would be over $700 if I have ABS brakes. Why the difference in prices? Is there a way from the VIN number to tell if I have ABS brakes or just an ABS brake light signal in the dashboard display?


The ABS is integral to the hub and more than likely it will have to be replaced too.

The ABS sensor is built into the wheel bearing assembly. I spent ~$800 to ($350 per reman assembly and $100 labor) to have the front wheel bearings replaced on a 2000 S10 Blazer about 10 years ago.

Is there any noise while driving, does the pitch or volume of the noise change when the steering wheel is off-center (i.e. changing lanes)? A second opinion might be in order.

Ed B.

edb , I agree with the second opinion. There has been no noise with the wheel bearings and I drove on a 200+ mile trip just this past Thursday.

I am anxious that after they get the wheels off the inspection people are going to start singing an “ABS” story and try to jack up the prices. The wheel bearing they said was most problematic was changed a few years ago and both wheels barely move in the direction they say to check while the van is on the rack.

Wish there was a new vehicle on the rack so I could compare.

Well, I paid the people who inspected my van to fix the front wheel bearings - to the tune of $300+ The 2 hour job turned into an over 4 hour wait for me, I hope they were “doing the job right”.

I have had a front wheel bearing to break on me, many years ago while driving a friends car. Having the wheel fold over and the car slide to a stop inches from a telephone pole was no fun so I do feel more confident on the road but a lot lighter in the wallet.


I’m late to the party . . . but your van definitely has ABS

We have lots of model year 2000 Astros in our fleet, and they all have ABS, because it was standard

A growling sound that gets louder the faster you go is the most common symptom of bad front wheel bearings on front wheel drive vehicles. But it isn’t always the first symptom to show up. If the wheel has sideways play (when jacked up), that’s another symptom. As is otherwise unexplained weird tire wear patterns.

“A growling sound that gets louder the faster you go is the most common symptom of bad front wheel bearings on front wheel drive vehicles.”

And also rear-wheel drive vehicles, like a Chevy Astro.