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New Engine

I have a F-150, 2000, 6cyl., manual tx, with 80k on it. At some point, I would like to be able to upgrade it to an 8 cyl w/ manual transmission. Is this possible and what costs should I expect from a reputable but not “dealer” mechanic? Thanks.

My suggestion is sell your truck and buy the v8 version. Or remain content with the v6. I cannot see any logical reason to upgrade like this.

It’s not just the engine. You need the entire drive train (engine, transmission, differential), a new computer, and may need suspension upgrades and even a new battery. It would probably cost more than a new 8-cylinder F-150 unless you did the work yourself with used parts. I’d buy another one with the V-8. BTW, why do you want the manual transmission?

The Mazda-sourced transmisson In the F-150 is pretty much junk when it comes to hauling heavy loads and especally towing. The earlier T-18 and ZF units used in the F-250/350’s were much more durable. Anyway you’d do much better to simply trade up for a V8 model. The 4.2L doesn’t share the same motor mounts or bellhousing as the modular V8s that were optional in your truck, so swaping in a 4.6L or 5.4L V8 will prove costly and difficult. It does have the same bellhousing as the old 302/351W engines. But should you swap on of those in, it will never pass inspection or emissions testing.

It’s possible…but not practical. It’ll cost you way more then this truck is worth. It would be far cheaper to buy the truck you want with the engine and tranny you want.

What are you trying to achieve? More towing? Better acceleration? Top end? I’d keep the six, they last a long time. Rocketman

wow, thanks for all the quick replies. I initially bought that truck to save a bit on gas and occassionally haul some plywood. I really want more power though, I just wanted to keep that truck because it has given me some sentimental reasons to keep it. No biggy, I’ll probably sell it and get another

An after-market supercharger would give the engine more power.