New dream car

We are ready to buy a new car/jeep. It has to be perfect: fit 2 kayaks, be towed behind our RV, good on gas, and be a convertible. Any ideas?


A Jeep convertible? I don’t believe that this exists.

A convertible that can carry two kayaks? I doubt that this vehicle exists either.

IMHO, you either need to buy two vehicles or you need to compromise on at least one of your criteria.

If you want a “Jeep-type” vehicle, bear in mind that Jeeps are probably the LEAST reliable AWD/4WD vehicles on the market–with the exception of Land Rovers/Range Rovers, which are the absolute lowest reliability vehicles on the road. There are any number of AWD/4WD vehicles that are more reliable (and more fuel-efficient) than a Jeep. Consult the Consumer Reports New Car Buyers Guide for complete information on this topic.

If the GEO Metro/Suzuki Swift convertible was still being made, that would fill the bill for a convertible that is “good on gas”, but it could barely carry two passengers and a bag of groceries, no less “two kayaks”. If you want to see which currently available convertibles are the most fuel efficient, then consulting that CR publication should be helpful.

But, when all is said and done, I still think that your stated combination of factors in one vehicle is currently unattainable.


On second thought, the Jeep Wrangler does come with a soft top, so that could be considered to be a convertible. However, you should be aware that the ride of this short-wheelbase vehicle is best described as “punishing”, its reliability is rather dismal, and the fuel efficiency is poor for such a small vehicle. Whether it could carry two kayaks is debateable. Since it has a roll bar/roll cage, it is possible that you could jury-rig a carrier for the kayaks to the top of the roll bar/roll cage, but the length of this short vehicle may be problematic vis-a-vis the length of the kayaks.

One advantage (actually, the only likely advantage of this Jeep) is that it has a part-time 4WD system. Since you plan on towing your chosen vehicle behind an RV, you should be aware that a vehicle with full-time AWD cannot be towed without destroying the AWD system. So, the Jeep competitors with a full-time AWD system, while infinitely more reliable, more comfortable, and more fuel efficient, cannot be towed.

I think you’ll have to build this one on your own. I know of no car or jeep that’s a convertible that can carry two kayaks. You’ll have to shorten your requirement list.

They used to have those commercials where there was a 4 door Jeep with it’s doors open and t kayaks on the top. An eagle was looking at it from above and dove at it thinking it was a fish.

Well, other than the Jeep Wrangler I think that sue867 may be SOL. Even if you like the jeep you have to realize that you can only carry them with the soft top off. And that you will have to dry the kayaks off before you put them back up, unless you like them dripping on you head on the drive home. They are also not what I would call good on gas, but is probably better on fuel than the RV.

You might just look for a small truck or SUV with a sun roof, or just skip the open top all together.


I am picturing a different arrangement. I have seen RVs pulling vehicles that are pulling trailers. I don’t know if this is legal or legal in all states. What about the convertible of your choosing, provided that it can be fitted with a hitch and can pull a light load and a little trailer for it, carrying your kayaks?

It probably isn’t fun driving this “train,” but how fun is driving an RV, especially towing anything? The fun is in the destination, right?

The advantage is that when you get there, you can set up the RV and then use your car with or without trailer, all separate entities.

I would imagine you will be taking the kayaks down two-trackers and possibly blazing your own trail. Tight manuevering requirements might spoil this solution. I haven’t seen any off-road trailers. If you weren’t going too crazy or could do short portages, it could still work.

Well, Hummer makes, or at least made, a convertible pickup version of their big brute beast. Get it with the turbo-diesel engine and you might just get 15mpg, but it’ll hold 2 kayaks no problem.

If you’re not too attached to the convertible idea, I’d suggest a Ford Ranger or similar small truck, perhaps with a cap on the bed. It’ll carry 2 kayaks, and still return decent gas mileage. A station wagon would also work - a Ford Taurus wagon would be ideal, as you can fold down the seats, giving a huge space for kayak storage. The last vehicle that readily comes to mind is a minivan - again, lots of space with the seats folded, decent gas mileage, and can easily be towed.

Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s any vehicle that can do what you want it to and is a convertible. There might be some military jeep that would work, but seeing as those aren’t readily available, I’d say your perfect car can be found beside a unicorn in Utopia.

I don’t think they make these anymore, but a Suzuki X90 would fit your criteria perfectly. It’s the little two-seater SUV with a removable hardtop you usually see with an enormous Red Bull can on the back of them-- your Kayaks could easily mount where that big can goes!

A Ford Edge with the panoramic sunroof is probably as close as you’ll be able to get to this.

I am picturing a different arrangement. I have seen RVs pulling vehicles that are pulling trailers. I don’t know if this is legal or legal in all states.

I can’t imagine this being legal ANYWHERE in the US or Canada.

To the OP: A wrangler could probably be rigged to carry your kayaks with the soft top removed, but then the Jeep will be open to the elements.Perhaps a tonneau cover for the interior is available or could be fabricated.

The Jeep Wrangler is about the new vehicle that fits the bill. A Geo Tracker or Suzuki Sidekick will also do, but you’d have to get a used one. If you have an RV and furthermore want to tow something behind it, chances are fuel economy isn’t that big of an issue.

Your request reminds me a little of Doris Day sending back a fur coat Jack Lemmon gave her in a movie. When the store asked what was wrong with it she said “I like the fur on the inside”.

If you gave up the need for a convertible, the choice widens greatly. The safari vehicles used in Africa are open on the side with roll down curtains. They have a safe fixed roof that carries all sorts of things.

If you want to customize things, any plumbing or roofing contractor could quickly build you a carrying rack over you Wrangler convertible for those kayaks. That’s excactly what they do to pickup trucks and Suburbans. The posts are mounted on the bumpers, and support a carrying rack for long pipes, aluminum siding, etc. The rack normally does not touch the roof, which would not be strong enough.

So, use your imagination; I could build you such a rack in less than a day.

Looks like first trailer has to be a fifth-wheel type in order to pull another trailer behind legally in most states. Don’t back up!

Do they still make Folboats? heh, heh.

That’s a pretty tall order you have set up.

Here’s what I propose: Take Mikes’ and Docnicks’ suggestions of customizing your own vehicle to accommodate the 2 kayaks.

To complete this idea of mine I need to know the description of your RV.

Is it an A class diesel pusher or a C class and what are the towing weight capacities?

That’s what I was thinking too.

You can’t have it. You may pout now. Or consider a used truck, like a Bronco or Blazer. There are older models (like 1980’s vintage) that were convertibles. If you are pulling it behind your RV anyway, it won’t have to run up a lot of miles on the drivetrain anyway.

I suppose that if you can afford to tow a truck behind your RV, price is no object.