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Many years ago (perhaps as many as 25 - 30 years)some guy figuring that during the first few seconds when starting a vehicle and the engine is turning over and oil is NOT being pumped to the moving parts is when most wear takes place. He made a device that pumps oil to many different places in the engine when the ignition key is first turned. He began by introducing it to truck fleets.

Did you ever hear of this? And if so, whatever happened?



yes its a pre prime pump.


diesel engines have these. they are called prelube pumps. they kick on before the starter engages (for maybe 30 seconds or so) not sure where to find them for auto use though, or even if they are really necessary!


I can’t see having one. One more thing to to go bad and let’s face it, how many cars wear out engines if the car receives proper care and maintenance? One out of a thousand maybe.


Not true with modern oils.
It is true that most wear occurs at and after startup, but recent SAE test determined the single factor is cold oil. Until the oil warms up it just does not prevent wear quite as well.


Oil and lubrication obsessives can goto and feed their fantasies. Pre-start electrically driven oil pumps are available for those so inclined…And I’ll take one of those Frantz bypass oil filters too, the ones that use a roll of toilet paper…


You can cover most of your bases with a synthetic oil that had PFTE in it.


Here’s one product that does this.



I don’t think that there is any need for PTFE. It just turns an oil into a grease, and settles out when the oil is not agitated. It seems to me it would also burn on the cylinder walls.