Oil changes

I see that alot has been discussed regarding this subject but I do have a question.

Should the new oil filter be filled with new oil before it is installed? This would enable the engine to have almost instant lubrication. Thoughts?

Depends on the location and angle the filter is mounted.

It really doesn’t matter, except if you don’t/can’t fill the filter before installing you’ll have to top off the level after the engine has been run and shut down long enough for the oil to settle.

Some people probably try it but it isn’t worth the effort. You won’t find it in any maintenance manual and it isn’t taught in trade school. One reason to change warm oil is because The engine has been well lubricated. Some critical parts don’t get pressurized oil anyway. The cam lobes get what drips on them. The engine will survive nicely.

The real fanatics mount an external electric oil pump plumbed into the system and allow it to pressurize the oil before every start…Whether this accomplishes anything or not is debatable…

Warm engines are well lubed and the few seconds needed to fill a new filter makes no difference in an automotive engine. Some very large engines do indeed use a “pre-lube” pumping system to insure proper lubrication at start-up…

The oil filter on my Toyota truck mounted to the side, and made this idea impractical. I was the only one to change the oil, and never put a drop of oil in the oil filter, just a wipe across the gasket to ‘wet’ it. The engine lasted 325,000 miles before the truck lost a fight with a retaining wall. Not burning any oil, and I sold the engine for $500.

caddyman… what diesel do you run normally??

and to the original post; nope, you dont need to fill the filter. in fact i would be surprised to find anyone who does now days.

The oil filter on my 4runner is upside down…SO pouring oil in the filter won’t any good execpt make a mess when I turn it over to mount it.

Does it really make much of a difference…I’ve been installing dry filters for 35 years…Several vehicles seeing over 300k miles without burning 1 drop of oil.

It may if your going for the 500k mile+ car however in your ownership period likely no.

Busted, I could have written your post except for three details:
My Toyota pickup lasted 338,000 miles, the fight it last was with a Hyundae, and I didn’t sell the engine!