New Clutch - What does it feel like?

I had my clutch changed for the first time 2 days ago on my 98 subaru impreza outback sports wagon 2.2L with 124,000 miles. I’ve only owned the car for the last 2 years though.

My question is what is a new clutch supposed to feel like?

How easy should it be to push in the petal?

How easily should it go into gears?

How far out on the petal should I feel friction from the clutch?

How much play should I have for changing gears?

Thanks Folks!

If it shifts and drives smoothly through the gears it is working.

Every clutch feels a little different. You were used to your old worn out clutch. The pedal will be stiffer, and it will engage at a different level. There should be some play at the top before it begins to feel like there is any resistance. Is it going into low gear easily, or is there resistance at the stick or grinding?

The clutch does not feel stiffer. In fact the pedal is really easy to push in and it feels like I have to have it all the way in when I shift because as soon as I let it out in the slightest I have give if gas and make the shift immediately otherwise the whole car shakes. There as a little resistance the first day getting it into 1st and 2cnd. First is sometimes hard to get into if I’m already moving. The main concern was lack of play and the pedal was really easy to push in. I do think it was oiled or greased since it no longer squeaks.

I had the clutch replaced on my '02 Outback wagon and I felt very little difference in “the play” from the old one.
However, with the old and the clutch, the car has always significantly shuttered when up/downshifting between 1st and 2nd gear. I was told that this is a common problem with standard transmissions in Subarus.
Anyone else have this problem?
Can it be repaired?

Do Subaru’s still use a clutch cable to operate the clutch?? Your new clutch should “feel” pretty much like the old one, except it should not slip anymore…

I was in traffic the other day … lots of shuddering just as mkwildflowers has. This is a month after install.

You should have stated the symptons of your clutch operation and then asked if they were normal. Based on your description of clutch operation (early engagement and chattering) I say your clutch is not operating normal.