Gears grinding after clutch replacement

Hello, I have an 06 vw gti that recently had a new clutch installed by my parent’s friend. After he replaced the clutch the car started to make this horrible heartbreaking grinding noise whenever you try to put the car into gear. Wasn’t there for the installation so couldn’t tell you if he did it right. I would assume not considering the circumstances any answers or solutions?

Does the clutch pedal feel like it is actually operating the clutch slave? He could have installed the friction disc backwards…and when you push the clutch pedal down…it actually does NOT uncouple the engine and trans and you are essentially trying to put the trans in gear without the clutch.

Something went sideways with the install…Only the person who installed it will know what he did incorrectly, by testing theories and proving them out.

The “flush” side of the friction disc goes toward the engine… if installed backwards…it will not be able to disengage…like you are seeing. This of course is after you are sure the slave is bled properly.

I’m about to install the new clutch in my 20th Anniversary GTi actually…


Agreed with Honda_Blackbird and installing a disc backwards is not something new.

I assume he charged you. This means he redoes his work for free or fully refunds you so you can have the job done by someone who knows what they are doing.

One thing you cannot do is continue to operate the car like this or you can kiss the transmission goodbye.


I once installed a clutch where the splines in the clutch disc weren’t machined straight, so when the clutch pedal was depressed the clutch wouldn’t disengage.


Yes, the clutch feels exactly how a new clutch would feel. Perfect pressure all of that it’s really been pissing me off because I’m only 18 I just got the car from someone who never replaced the clutch in the car and the second day of driving down the road the clutch went and I’ve just been having mechanics try to take advantage of me because they see I’m young and think I have no clue about anything and try charging me all of this money for a simple job. I just want this to be done with so I can drive my car. Thanks for the help and congrats with your car.

Please don’t start with the all mechanics are taking advantage of me because crap…

So if you have a complaint about whoever did the work (your parent’s friend in your words and whom has not been stated to be a mechanic yet) then why have you not contacted them about this instead of trashing everyone else?


You are 18. You may live on your own. I assume you talk to your parents as their friend/mechanic is involved in this situation. Did mechanic even drive the car after repair? You weren’t there? Who was? How did car get to mechanic? Ask joe bob the mechanic what is wrong.


Didn’t say ALL mechanics bud no need to get excited you’re acting as you if you did the job on my car. I have no intentions of bashing every mechanic especially on a mechanic related internet page…got all the hell I needed from Honda thanks anyway.