Clutch pedal feel problem



I got in my car this morning and the clutch pedal felt different.

Normally, when I press in the clutch pedal, I can feel the clutch disengage about half way down the travel. This morning the clutch didn’t disengage until almost the very end of the travel. Also, it was very hard to shift into any gear when sitting still. As I got going it was easier to move through the gears.

What’s going on? My car is a 1999 Integra LS and it has about 110,000 miles on it. The clutch has never been replaced to my knowledge and I’ve had it since about 70,000 miles.


Hydraulic clutch? Replace the master and slave cylinders. Change the fluid (and brake fluid) every 3 years from now on.

Clutch cable? Replace the cable, it’s stretched or frayed.

These parts are not very expensive.