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Manual Transmission Won't Shift

I have a 95 Acura Integra and this evening when I returned to the parking garage at my office, I can’t shift into any gear! Strangely, if I turned the ignition off, I can change into any of the gears. But only when the car is running, it is stuck. Any idea on what is going on? I also recall this morning I felt the gear shifts were not as smooth as they had been.

No brake fluid in the clutch master cylinder.

The clutch is not disengaging when you step on the pedal.

Is there fluid in the clutch reservoir?

You guys are right on! Ran to Schuck’s, got a bottle, filled it up and all is good. But does that mean business as usual or do I need get it checked for leaks?

Agree…cold weather brings out the worse in seals in older high mileage manuals. My guess like others, it will require work and will not “improve” with age. Be ready with the $$$$. In all likely hood it will continue leaking.

You need to get the leak fixed. And of it turns out to be either the master or slave cylinder, which is extremely likely, I’d recommend replacing both. The other is on its way out too. All the seals are 14 years old and they’ve all been subjected to exactly the same wear and conditions.

Here is the deal. Although I can drive the car now, the shift is much bumpier than before. Also, the clutch feels loose, like there is no tension, sometimes, and when that happens, can’t shift. Pumping it a few time helps.

Does that sound like just the leak? Or other serious trouble? I’ll bring it to a shop on Monday but would like to hear what you wise guys have say.

The symptoms indicate that the clutch master cylinder is shot, gone, kaput.
Replacing it is the way to go, but be sure that the clutch slave cylinder is checked also, and that you replace the slave cylinder if necessary.

Don’t drive it…unless it’s to the shop. May still be just slave/master cylinder that could quickly turn into a gear failure in transmission if you keep driving it and milking our advice instead of getting it fixed while it’s still reasonable.
Like my son in law who just wanted to keep adding fluid and driving…it’s at a point where you now maybe have air in system or the seals are so shot you can’t build up enough pressure w/o pumping and no matter how much you top it off, it still will be problematic.