NEW cars & saw gas -- or even old gas?

I frequent a group that discusses the Toyota Prius Hybrid. And a person just posted about his several hundred dollar repair that resulted when he poured year-old left-over gas into the Prius gas tank.

Well, I have a farm and I frequently pour old saw gas (50 parts gas and 1 part two-cycle oil) into my 1987 Toyota. And, if I had old “regular gas,” I would do the same.

So, no problems with the '87. But I foresee the time when the '87 will go to that great wrecking yard. So, I have an '03 Camry and an '08 Prius.

I would think I could pop any old gas into either of those, but after the Prius story, not quite sure…is OLD gas bad…is saw gas bad…both bad…Whew, I am getting a headache???

Small amounts of mixed gas should not hurt. You can put a little in this week and a little more next week. etc. Same goes for old gas. The best bet is to make sure you burn that gas in your car before it gets over say 6 months old. The only thing I would worry about is using gas with or without oil that had been sitting around for a few years without stabilization. That I would let evaporate safely.

Since I have a diesel car and all my lawn tools, including the chain saw are electric, I have not had that problem for a while.

Small amounts of old gas, even ‘saw gas,’ may be safely added to a full fuel tank. Everyone does this, just like you do with your '87. And everyone comes out OK.

So now we hear of one alleged incident, an anecdote, by an anonymous internet poster. We don’t know exactly what he did nor what was the actual result. Maybe his subsequent problem was completely unrelated to his actions.

I am not going to allow this single incomplete report change my opinion of proper disposal of surplus gasoline. Neither should it change yours.

OP again…Thanks both of you for your replies. Sorta of what I thought.

First of all, somehow or other…by accident FOR SURE…most of my old saw or regular gas accidentally spills on my burn pile…funny how that happens…and goes up in smoke, while at the same time nicely igniting the pile. But that is usually only a 8 or 16 oz spill, while the rest goes into the old Toyota.

I mean really 1 part oil to 50 parts gas…and by old gas I mean four months or less, at least here at my place.

So, I won’t worry about the Camry when the time comes…btw, reminds me of an old question Tom and Ray had from a woman who wanted gasline antifreeze put in her car and about a quart of pure radiator coolant was added instead.

“The boys” said not to worry, it would go through the engine like a Coney Island Chili Dog.