New car

Is it normal to buy a new car with 250 miles on it if it had to be brought up from another dealer and should it be dixcounted for the miles?

Yes, this is normal. Dealers have access to a database so that they can locate any car in the nation. Dealers trade cars back and forth and people are employed to drive cars between agencies. The minister at the church I attend worked for Saturn as a driver.

A car is considered new until it is first titled. There usually isn’t a discount for the miles. My wife had a particular model Toyota 4Runner in mind. The dealer located a couple a different dealerships. We chose the one that was closest to what we wanted and a driver brought it up from 125 miles away the next day. That was 6 years ago and the vehicle has performed flawlessly.

It’s normal for “new” cars to have some mileage on them. Some have only a few miles, others have more. Dealers swap cars all the time, and every time a car is test driven the miles add up. You won’t get a discount, nor should you expect one, for only a few hundred miles.

If the car had several thousand miles on its odometer you could ask for a discount.

Certainly $1000.00 off the new car price is warranted,after all you did specify a NEW car. Try taking it back and see how much you lost just driving it off the lot.

Sounds almost exactly the same situation when we purchased our 04 4Runner for my wife. My only concern would be if it were driven by a teenage boy.

Check with your state DOT and automobile dealers association. In Colorado, any car with over 200 miles must be sold as a used car. Your state may be different.

I recall a Mazda dealership(Fostoria, Ohio) selling a “new” 08 CX-7 last year. It had over 19K miles on it. I asked about it and he said it was a dealer demo and never titled, so it could be titled as new, despite nearly 20k miles on the clock. I haven’t talked to that dealership since.

We bought a new car with about 435 miles on it. The car was heavily discounted, but that was because the dealer was going out of business and GM would not buy back any car with over 400 miles on it.

A car is worth whatever the buyer is willing to pay for it. That 250 miles is a distance that will not be yours to use. Pay less.

Not necessarily. In NH the law only allows a certain number of miles to be on the car before the dealer is required to sell it as used rather than new. I don’t recall the exact number but it’s way less than 250.

But I agree that 250 is nothing to be concerned about.

Its not like the dealer is trying to hide anything by turning the mileage back. Price is negotiable.