Too many miles for a new car?



How many miles are too many for a dealership to sell a car as brand new? How many miles are acceptable for a dealership to sell a car as brand new?


It depends on the state. Each state has their own standard.

Personally I wouldn’t buy a new car with more then a couple hundred miles on it. After that I consider it used and negotiate as such.

Not the mileage either. I’ve seen cars sitting in show rooms that were 3years old…Less then 10 miles on them…being sold as new.


Depends on price sold for. Eg you cannot sell a “brand new” car for MSRP typically with 500+ miles on it. Expect a better discount for more mileage.

It is irrelevant as the warranty starts from the delivery date not zero.


An untitled car is usually a dealer demo and discounts apply relative to mileage.

What discounts are you seeing ?

It could be highly acceptable to buy a demo. ( my 79 chevy pickup was a demo. Nice discounts to get it off the lot as the next model year was rolling into the dealer…I still own it ! )


I had one dealership try to sell me a left over 08(in 09) that he said could be titled as new. Thing had almost 20 THOUSAND miles on it, salesman told me it was a demo car, never titled. Needless to say, I never talked with them again. Even my insurance agent couldn’t understand how they could do title it as brand new with that many miles on it.


So give us the actual mileage, year, make, and model and we can be we can be more definate with you. More details, please!


A dealer demo is technically a used car and the warranty period starts on the day the car was put into service as a demo.

Most new cars have 5 to 10 miles on them at most. If this car has a 100 or whatever then it’s a demo.
If you feel there’s a problem with the phrase “new car” then you need to clarify that with the dealer.
It’s quite possible that a salesman, especially someone new to the field, may not even be aware that a demo is a used car.