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New car warranty

I bought a new Chev Colorado 20 mos ago. I replaced the factory tires and wheels with custom wheels. Now, 10,000 miles later, the “serv tpm” shows on my inst panel. The dealer checked each wheel with some gadget and told me that one wheel had a bad sensor and needed to be replaced. I made an appointment and when I took it back into the service dept. An hour later they told me that it would cost 125.00 to replace the defective sensor. I questioned them as to why it wasn’t covered under warranty and I was informed that because I replaced the factory wheels that the sensor wasn’t covered. Upset, I took it the largest tire dealer in the county & they tell me that the wheel itself has no bearing on the TPM system. When I presented that information back to the dealer, they told me that the defective is not covered. How can the sensor not give me any problem for 20 months/10,000 mi and all of a sudden it was the custom wheel that was at fault.

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