Breaking in a new car

I just bought a new car (2008 Honda Accord Sedan automatic V6). I remember my father telling me that for the first 1,000 miles I can drive it over 50 miles/hour and I should vary the speed frequently - to “properly” break in the car engine. Is this true/necessary?

Bad typing this morning … that 2nd sentence should read … “I can’t drive it” …

All of the “break-in” instructions for your car are in the Owner’s Manual. Rather than accept the well-meaning, but possibly incorrect random advice of strangers, you are much better-off reading the manual for this information.

Read your owners manual.

Agree! The Toyota and Honda break-in instructions are very similar. Don’t’speed, and don’t drive at the same speed for a very long time. Normal city driving is about right for breaking in a car.

Yeah, the owner’s manual. I’d be very surprised if it mentioned a 50 mph limit. Would you check back with us about what it says?

Drive the car normally and it will last you a long life, likely longer than you’ll own it. Owner’s Manual will have recommendations however they are not requirements.

50 mph will get you through your neighborhood and maybe some parts of town, but you’ll be a danger on any interstate at that speed.

The most important thing is to vary your road speed during the first 500 miles or so. Let up the gas and let the engine compression slow the car down. Engine compression is good early on because it helps to seat the valves.

Look at your tachometer at 70 mph and note that the rpms are low in top gear. If you hammer it the tranny will downshift and rpms will increase. Try to avoid that early on.

There is another point of view. That says to drive it like you stole it. Breaking in a new car is a non event. I’m not sure I believe that, but there are lots of folks who get away with it.

Just don’t drive it at high speeds. Don’t go on a 300 mile highway trip until at least 1000 miles. At other times, just drive normally. If you must go on that trip, don’t worry about it.

i believe honda calls for the first 600 miles it doesn’t get driven at speeds over 55 or 60 mph and to vary the speeds with no full throttle starts/runs