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New car safety features

I’m interested in the newer safety features such as backup camera, blind spot camera, etc. Is there a less expensive car (under $25,000) that has good implementations of these sorts of features? What about after-market cameras being added to existing vehicle. Are they good operationally? Thanks.

According to Consumer Reports magazine, the econobox 2014 Corolla has a back-up camera as an option.

@GeorgeSanJose; but apparently the same Corolla did not do as well as the competition in crash ratings.

A rear view camera could be installed in any car. The other stuff, like the side airbags and improved brakes, etc is more of an issue.

Maybe that is why it needs a back up camera! … lol …

Back up cameras are nice, especially in parking lots with limited vision. Don’t disregard them. The side cameras are also nice. Don’t have them but the son does on his BMW and very clearly shows the side views. These will become more available in the near future I think and sound like the rear ones may be a requirement soon. I’ve seen the add on ones at the big box for a little over $100 but can’t attest to their quality. Yet not rocket science anymore. Just bubble cameras like the sky marshalls use.

The 2014 Mazda 3 in i sport trim or above can be had with Blind Spot Monitoring (not a camera, sensors in the rear bumper) and a Backup Camera (if with tech package with Navigation) for a little over $22,000 (Manual sedan)

Chevy Cruze 1LT With the Tech Package and Enhanced safety package is a little under $20,000 after cash back with a manual transmission.

Dodge Dart Limited with Technology group is around $23,000 at sticker

There may be more but those are the ones that I could find for now with backup camera and Blind Spot Monitoring

I enjoy having the camera in my car, and recommend people buying SUVs or trucks getting them if they can. Though I would never suggest mandating them for every new car

I had a scare a few days ago. Downtown in my village there is a side street where I like to turn around. The other day I used it. I pulled past it, put on my emergency blinkers (a cultural thing here in Mexico), checked all 5 mirrors, looked out the back window, and carefully backed into the street, checking mirrors every inch of the way. As I pulled ahead to leave the street, a young woman was walking away from the car.

I have no idea how she got there without me seeing her, not even a hint. But, I can tell you it did scare me. I will be even more careful until I figure out what I did wrong. There was no excuse for not seeing a pedestrian, especially in a place where most people walk everywhere.

I had to have done something wrong, But can’t figure out what it was.


“checked all 5 mirrors” . . . ?

2 exterior rear view mirrors
2 fisheyes
1 interior rearview mirror

Am I close?

@irlandes; Similar situation for me the other day, backing out of our garage. I 1st look even before getting in the car (empty suburban street), look back, side, back etc and back out carefully, only to see this woman walk past my passenger side to the front in our driveway. Didn’t see her coming. I am now on the net trying to find a rearview camera, even though I am not sure that will fix the problem, but might help.

Menards has them.

Bigger screens would be better for those cameras. I’ve seen where they have those dinky things in the rearview mirror, but I can’t imagine how hard it’d be to see things in it.

Thanks to all who commented. I’ll be following up on some of the suggestions.