Buying a used Car Saab 9.5 Aero 2004?

Saw a used Saab on the net. This car was at an auction in Philly. Relatively low mileage loaded … VerySharp Car.

Very sporty. I am in the market for a used luxury sport like automobile. I liked the looks of some Saabs and Auidis. Are they good cars? Is 2004 a good year for Saab? What is the difference in the 9.3 and 9.5?

I like to take long trips 4-5jours occasionally.

I am single 56 and handsome as a devil.

Are these cars a bad idea? Any suggestions?

Saabs and Audis can be high-cost cars, only to be bought with caution, and with complete maintenance histories. Not the car I’d buy at auction.

never buy a pig in a poke. Never buy a car on line. Always test drive first, and have a reliable reputable mechanic check out any used car you intend to purchase. Thats all I know about it, so good luck to you mr.

The reliability rating for the 2004 Saab 9-5, as per Consumer Reports is “worse than average”. The problem areas noted include the engine, cooling system, fuel system, electrical system, climate control system, and “power equipment” (things like power seats, antenna, etc).

A Saab 9-3 of the same model year is rated “Much worse than average” in terms of reliability.

Most Audi models of that vintage also rate either “worse than average” or “much worse than average”.

Buying a used car via the 'net is…not a good idea.
Buying a used Saab or a used Audi via the 'net is…most definitely not a good idea.

If you’re looking for something that’ll impress your dates, a 2004 SAAB ain’t it.