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Hey guys!
Sadly, two weeks ago I got into a major accident. However, I need some advice on which of these cars (or any choices) would best suit my need. Currently, I’m stuck between a 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0 automatic w/49k miles ($8.9k) and 2013 Veloster turbo automatic w/38k miles($9.8k) (the car will be shared with my girlfriend and family which can’t drive manual and only 2.0t for insurance reasons.
I want to try to get both a reliable and tunable car for under $10k that will have low miles that can be “quick”, since I’m paying tuition out of pocket I’m looking for a car that will last me at least me for 6-7years w/low mileage (under 65kmiles) clean title that would be able to be modded fairly well for around 300hp. Due to some research, these were my best picks. The Hyundai Genesis is an absolutely beautiful car but I found the visibility very poor, much harder for me to drive/park and the interior felt kinda outdated.
My daily life consists of spending time with my girlfriend, family, and friends and we all love doing road trips in state and etc. Since my girlfriend also got a medium sized dog we all felt it would be very unpractical for our adventurous lifestyle and would get very uncomfortable for these frequent trips The only pros I could see with this car is the ability to reach over 320whp easy, amazing exterior design, and ability to mod as much as I desire for the next upcoming years.
The Veloster turbo wasn’t really on my list until I saw one in person and was blown by how weird and awkward this car was to a point I liked it. The exterior of this car, in my opinion, isn’t as good and aggressive as the 2010 Genesis coupe but has such an “awkwardly pleasing” appeal to me. The third-door makes it easier for guest to enter the car and exit without the need to put the front seats down every time which would definitely get annoying. The interior of the car was absolutely amazing regarding comfort and was something both me and my girlfriend agreed would be perfect for our trips and perfect for my girlfriend to drive when we had to switch drivers, something she couldn’t have said for the Genesis. However, the design of the car definitely did trick us into believing this car was going to be a quick my stock mk5 GTI. Right off the bat, the power felt somewhat weak. This isn’t so much as a big concern for me now, as I would definitely be doing a full bolt on upgrade w/ tune to make roughly 260whp/300hp.
Although these are my top 2 choices right now mainly because of miles, reliability and tunability any comment on which car is better/ any other suggestion will be appreciated.
Thank you, guys!!!

I read about 5 lines then my eyes gave up. Can you edit this thing and put it into a readable format? You know… like in paragraphs. Maybe shorten it and make it more to a point would also help.

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Is that better?

You want to buy a 2013 Veloster turbo with 200hp, do some bolt on mods to get it to 300hp and last 6-7 years.

You’re dreaming, You can’t modify an engine that much and expect it to be reliable.

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Well from what I saw and actually heard from VT owners in my area at Ace cafe car meets, is that they got their VT probably tuned making 250-260whp and had no problems beside regular maintenance since purchase in 2013-2014. So no I’m not dreaming as I’ve already been informed and know what I’m talking about. Try contact 845 Motorsports and let me know what they tell you after an hour long conversation about : budget, required bolt on’s, reliability as well.

This is a general car repair forum, most of the guys that respond here, including me, don’t share rge "Tuner’ mentality and if we wanted a much faster car, we would buy a muck faster car. I “tuned” one car in my youth, and unlike most of the cafe group, I didn’t just do it for bragging rights. It was great fun until the engine blew. Don’t believe all the power claims you hear in a cafe.

Companies that make or sell tuner kits, including some big name ones that sell their own modded version of Vipers or Corvettes are big on promise and short on deliver.

A number of years back, Car and Driver ran a comparison test of “tuned” cars from various companies. All suffered from drivability issues, some were actually slower than stock, and some overheated so badly they could not finished the test.

The best place to find out the real information about a products performance is NOT from the person selling it.

Perhaps you can find a “Tuner” forum where the responses will be more to your liking.


Thank you, I tried but of course any of them would just argue which car is better. I don’t want to start any drama just wanted to see if those two or what car would you guys recommend.
Thanks for the reply!

My old car club had a saying for newbies looking to brag about what their mods did. “Your butt dyno is full of @#$@.”

Unless they put the car on the dyno and actually measured the horsepower before and after the mods, they have absolutely no idea what those mods did. A lot of times a new mod will make the car noisier, and your brain unconsciously translates “loud engine” to “fast car.” So you feel like your car is all kinds of faster because you feel like your butt’s being pressed into the seat harder but… That’s the butt dyno, and it really is full of it.

Either car would give you about the same driving experience. Pick the one you like best, they’re actually both really great cars - especially since the V-T eschewed the stupid DCT tranny for a normal automatic - that eliminates the biggest annoyance in the non-turbo Veloster.

My wife’s car is a 2012 Veloster, so I can report it is good on long trips, though you will get tired of sitting in it after 5 hours or so. It’s really good for trips because you can stuff a ridiculous amount of cargo in that hatch. We call it the junior pickup truck.

You should also check out the Coupe 3.8 if you can find one. I drove one once just to try it out and was absolutely floored at how quick that thing was, both directionally and off the line. I gave serious thought to trading in my Acura for it - it was that good.

But it really comes down to which car you prefer driving. Either one will be a good car with good reliability (assuming you don’t go too crazy with the engine mods).


Thanks you so much!
I was heavily looking into a 3.8 but in my area it’s absolutely impossible to get one with low miles and since I’m 19 w/an accident I feel the insurance will be much more expensive. I don’t plan on heavily moddimg like other people would with a full turbo swap and etc. Just an exhaust,intake,fmic tune. Even if it’s not at 300hp I just want a good feel like I did with the GTI, my car was stock but felt faster for a 200hp car which is why I was slightly disappointed both the VT and 2.0t seemed a bit off. Thank you very much though. Have a great day!!

Make this easy, and choose the car that doesn’t have poor visibility issues. Which one was that again? (That’s a rhetorical question, I don’t really care.)

From a place that only has a 2 1/2 star rating, I wouldn’t believe a word they say.


When I drove the Coupe, I only saw marginal visibility out the rear window. But it has a backup camera, so who cares? Side and front vis was fine. The Veloster has the same hatch setup as the old CRX did - an almost horizontal window, and a short vertical window bisected by bodywork. That bodywork is always right where you want to be looking when you glance in the mirror. You get used to it. I did in both the CRX and my wife’s Veloster (which reminds me of the CRX in many ways, almost all of them very fond).

But, again, it’s personal preference. Drive whichever one you like driving more. Test drive both cars again and really pay attention to livability.

I am reminded of the sign my business partner nailed to the wall of my garage when I was heavily into bolt-on mods : “There is no replacement for displacement”. Get a Dodge Challenger or Charger with the 392 Hemi.

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Was actually looking into a 2013 challenger sxt are they reliable?

Lets see , 19 years old + accident on record + Challenger SXT = Very high insurance rates.


A co-worker paid more than $40,000 for a Challenger SRT 3 years ago, after he traded it in this summer I checked the asking price from the dealer that had it, $30,000. The big Hemi is not in the price range for a teenager.

The Challenger SXT comes with a six cylinder engine, better fuel economy and lower insurance rates.

Kinda what I was thinking, they put the accident 50-50 but I took the 4 hour course. I had a license since 16 so not sure if that changes anything but with the GTI was only paying under $100. Would a Genesis be lower.

True, but it also probably comes with a case of anemia. When I was 17, I bought my first new car, a 1968 dodge dart gts with a 383. I think that addicted me to big block mopars. The one item I have on my bucket list is to buy a fully restored 1957 Chrysler 300c with the original 392.