New Car for handling rescued dogs


I am currently looking for the best car for doing dog rescue. I am looking for a stationwagon type that will hold at least 1 dog crate (medium size) but hopefully 2. Cost between $15,00 to $20,000 and MPH of 25 town / 30 highway.

So far the only one I’ve seen that I like is the Madza 5 super mini van. MPH is a little low be everything else kind of “fits”. I’ve also looked at the Toyota Matrix - a little small but meets specs.

Any suggestions out there of other cars that might work to fit my specs?

Thanks, dSears

Subaru Outback… you should be able to pick up a late model in that price range, and the MPG I’ve gotten out of mine usually varies between 31 and 26, with an average of 28 over the last 30k miles.

RAV? Highlander?

You might check out a Honda Element and a Chevrolet HHR. The Honda is certainly big enough, but gets a couple MPG less than the Mazda5. The HHr is available as a panel van and gets a few more MPG than the Mazda5. Take a couple of crates with you and see if they fit in.

Dodge Magnum, any cargo minivan, the aforementioned HHR, or what about a small pickup with a cap over the bed?

I’d second the Outback. We got an '03 and have two dogs (one rides in a crate). From the get-go I thought there was no way we’d be comfortable with a medium-sized crate and all our junk on holiday trips. I was wrong. I could easily see having two of those crates in there (minus all the junk).

I know this does not fit some of your criteria, but consider the advantages. If you can buy a used Police car (Crown Victoria) used for canine duty, they will already have the back seat out for the dogs. Equipment exists that fits these cars to equip them so the dogs can safely be left unattended in the vehicle on hot sunny days. You could buy a used non-canine police unit or even a new or used non police Crown Vic or Mercury Grand Marquis and the equipment will fit. The last would be my recommendation. This will obviously only work if you are not going to be carrying a lot of people since there will be no back seat. The police cars have no carpets so they are easy to clean out. I don’t know how well the dog crates will fit since the K9 units usually just have the dogs on the floor. If you get one of those police or taxi barriers between the front and back seats, it will keep the crates from killing you in an accident.

The previous generation(used) Scion xB. Basically a box on wheels that gets a little better than your mileage specs.

You should check out this website called - the woman reviews cars with her dogs in mind and talks about everything like “where and how a crate would fit” to how the dogs liked the ride. I think her favorite for dog-owners is the Honda Element.