New Car Decision

Does anyone have any thoughts about the advisability of buying a used Honda Element since I just learned that Honda quit making them in 2011. What does that do to the value–and what about parts? It’ll probably be my “last” car since I’ve driven two Toyotas, a Cressida & an Avalon–since 1985.

My other choice is a Prius–late model & used. Love the sportiness of the Element but would really like to have a car with good gas mileage.

I can only suggest that I doubt if many owners of a Prius enjoy a lower overall overall cost even after considering the any increased mileage.

It is not a bad technology, but it is just not great in that area.  Otherwise it appears to be a good choice for many people.   What is your reason for considering the Prius?

The Honda Element and the Toyota Prius are two entirely different vehicles. The Element shares its engine and many of its parts with other Honda vehicles, so parts shouldn’t be a problem. I considered an Element because of the fact that there is no pillar between the doors on the right side and makes loading large musical instruments easier. However, I decided that a minivan was better. I never considered the Element as sporty.
I have a good friend who has a 2005 Prius that he has driven at least 110,000 miles with no problems. The mileage is about 50 mpg. I do like riding in the car. I haven’t driven it for long distances, so I have no idea about its handling, etc.

I’d expect no problems getting parts for an Element for the next 10 years. From years 10 to 20 there might be some parts issues, but not likely. If you expect to keep it 20+ years you might have some parts problems after 20 years of ownership.

Honda made lots of Elements and sold the model for almost 10 years so parts will not be a problem.

I’d be fine with an Element, parts will not be any problem. As for a Prius, do you really drive enough to make a hybrid worthwhile? Fuel costs are probably not a major part of your costs, if you only plan to drive a few thousand miles a year.

Would the Prius be new or used?