To replace or not to replace

I have a Honda Element, and, of course, dogs. I love my Element. It’s dog proof - and besides - I can also haul a lot of big stuff in it. My '04 Element has 94,000 miles. When I took it in for rountine service they told me that they aren’t going to make the Element any more after this year. Should I replace it this year? or do the Tom thing and try to keep this one for a couple hundred more miles?

Even if the Element model is discontinued, why would you need to replace the one you have? The parts will be available to maintain and repair your vehicle for a long time. If you keep it in good repair, there is no reason it shouldn’t last for another 100k miles.

If it’s been well maintained and it stays that way I see no reason why this vehicle can’t go for 3 or 4 times over the mileage you have on it now.

There will be issues crop up over time of course but it should be related to normal wear and tear items. Repairing a vehicle is preferable to financing a car where interest money is flushed with each payment.
At some point it could become an expensive headache but I’d drive it up to that point and then decide.

Why would you want to replace it?  Nothing you wrote would be a reason to replace it, in fact you made a good case for keeping it.

Keep it, have it serviced regularly, and you’ll get another 100k miles out of it. All the more reason to take good care of it, cause you’ll never be able to buy a new one!

I recommend keeping the vehicle as long as you can. I see no reason whatsoever to replace a car with only 94K miles on it.

Take care of it and drive it another 100,000 miles.

Drive yours as long as you can. Then, if you want another Element, buy a used 2010 or 2011 model.

Those are nice cars and 94,000 is nothing. Keep the maintenance going and drive it forever.

Keep it. Honda will make parts for it for many years to come. Or sell it to me for $900. Hey, they aren’t building them! Why should I pay retail?

You’d be foolish to sell it. You have a vehicle you love that’s in great shape, serves you needs, is economical to support, and still has perhaps another 150,000 reliable miles left. You’ve won the game! A celebration is in order!

Trade it for a new car, it is your duty to help the economy ( so I won’t have to ) .